I would like to call this watch a polar watch but I can’t connect it to any polar expedition. The watch doesn’t have an antimagnetic shield which probably would make the watch pretty unreliable in a polar environment. It’s listed in Raketas catalogue 1972 so I guess it was available for anyone to buy.
The watch is a 24 hour watch powered by the beautiful 2623 movement. The movement is sometimes called a Baltika movement. I’m not sure it’s correct to call the movement a Baltika but it’s beautiful anyway. I like the movement so much that I’ve put a display glass back on the watch so that the movement is visible.
The goldfilled case is pretty ordinary but the dial is special in the way the hour indexes leans down against the edge of the dial. Makes a very cool effect when looking at it.
It’s a pretty rare watch.

Follow this link to view more photos of this watch: Raketa 24h