This is kind of a franken watch because it’s a civilian watch but has the rare black dial from a NVCh-30. The modifications that you see on the military NVCh-30, like the thicker, domed, glass or thicker caseback, is not seen on this watch. It has the ordinary 20 ATM caseback and the ordinary shaped crystal. It should have the necktie hands but I’ve changed it to paddle hands because I like it better with the black dial. The earlier necktie hands were so damaged anyway.
The crown on these 350 cases should be rounded on the side if it’s original. The watch is powered by a manual 2209 movement.
This watch has swing lugs instead of the wirelugs that we see on the military modified NVCh-30 type 350. I’m not sure the military NVCh-30 ever had swing lugs. If it’s the case, please let me know so that I can edit this text.
The bezel on this watch is not the original bezel. It has a new bezel that I’ve made together with some friends.

Follow this link to see more photos of this watch: Vostok Amphibian 2209, type 350 20 ATM