This is the first generation of NVCh-30. They are in the 350 cases with wire lugs. It’s a military modified watch. It has the original tin case. The documents however belongs to a much younger watch. It belongs to a NVCh-30 in a “barrel” or tonneau case. All external details on this watch is in an extremely good condition. The domed crystal doesn’t have a scratch on it. You can feel on the watch edges that the case is hardly used. The dial and hands doesn’t have a single scratch on them. The caseback indicates that the case is old. The balance and the balance bridge is very old. The rest of the bridges is much younger. It’s the kind of bridges that we find in the younger tonneau or second generation NVCh-30. The watch has arrow hands It’s easy to draw the conclusion that the hands has been switched but the color of the lume matches perferfect with the lume on the dial. I don’t know.

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