This is the 3rd generation of NVCh-30. An extremely rare watch. Made in a very small edition. The seller of the watch said that he knows of 6 watches like this. The watch is from the late 1980’s.
The watch is modified from a standard edition watch to meet the requirements from the Soviet Navy. Waterproof down to 300 meter. This is a military issued watch only. Never sold to the public in Soviet Union. The case is of stainless steel. The crystal is extra thick compared to the standard version. The watch is powered by a 2409 movement instead of the 2209 movement that we find in the older generations of NVCh-30.
The older generations of NVCh-30 were used by divers onboard submarines where the watch was a part of the diving equipment.
When the diving equipment wasn’t in use the watch stayed with the equipment.

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