A Russian friend wrote to me about this watch. I answered that i already had one 2nd generation NVCh-30. He answered “No you don’t.” It’s a totally unused “barrel” with the tags still on it. It’s in its original tin box with the matching documents in it.
This is a watch that is modified to meet the demands of the Soviet Navy. The watch is waterproof down to 300 meters compared with the civilian edition which is waterproof down to 200 meters.
These modified watches were never sold to the public.
A rumour says that there were only 200 watches like this made but there is no confirmation about that and I don’t believe it either. It’s a very rare watch anyway.
The watch was considered a part of the diving equipment onboard submarines. The watch was never a personal belonging of a soldier. It was part of the diving equipment.
This is the second generation of NVCh-30 and compared to the first generation of NVCh-30, this generation is considered to be rarer.

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