This Vostok Amphibian joined my collection last year. I bought it because of the very rare Boctok logo with cyrillic letters on the dial and the 2209 movement that had the old Chistopol logo on it. I’ve never seen that before but it’s the way the watch arrived. The watch arrived in a terrible shape and it will become a future project to restore this watch as much as possible. Just to make the watch useful while it’s a project I’ve installed a newer 2209 movement and – just because I could – put paddle hands on it. This dial should have necktie hands of course but since it’s a project at the moment, it has paddle hands. Paddle hands is more Vostok Amphibian to me.
The bezel is not original. It’s a newer component made of steel.

Follow this link to see more photos of the watch: Vostok Amphibian 2209, Cyrillic logo