Spent the weekend in my very small ( minimalistic) cabin in the countryside outside Stockholm.
The plan is to build a small foundation to place my small cabin on. The foundation is supposed to keep the Barack as dry as possible underneath and to keep the cabin or Barack stable.
The plan is to digg a hole in the ground with a little bigger dimensions than the Barack. Not too deep but a few decimeters. Then fill the hole with small rocks or gravel to level the ground out under the Barack.
It’s a lot of digging but I think it will pay off to do this properly. The rocks that I can’t lift out of there, I will split with expanding cement until they’re small enough to lift.


This is a hobby for me just as the watch collection is. Its fun and good exercise.
This weekend didn’t offer too many hours to be digging because of the rain. The best I could do was to drill those holes in the rocks and then try to split them with the cement. The thing is that it takes a few days for the cement to expand the maximum. This weekend I will go back to check if I managed to split the rocks in half.
The sky was turning grey so I thought it was best to end the weekend and go home. I covered the rocks from rain to keep the mixture of the cement intact.

Good thing I did because the rain and thunder poured down soon after.