The last few days has offered some really nice weather with a clear blue sky and temperatures well over 25 degrees Celsius. I took the time to get out of Stockholm to visit my parents for a few days. My father likes to play golf so there was a visit to the golfcourt as well.
The watch on my arm is one of the best looking wristwatches in my collection. The Slava Amphibian.
The wristwatch is powered by a twin barrel 2414 movement made by the Second Moscow Watch Factory. The two mainspring barrels drive the minute wheel simultaneously. The case is in stainless steel with 20 mm lugs. The dial of the watch is very much inspired by the legendary diving watch Zodiac Super Seawolf.
The Slava diver is a very rare watch that was produced for a short time sometimes in the mid 1980’s. There is speculations that the watch was never shipped by the factory at all. This scenario is made credible by the fact that there seems to be a big variation in the kinds of hands seen on the few pieces that are out there. There are also different case backs. This supports the idea that employees were sneaking unfinished pieces out of the factory and completing them with whatever hands they could get a hold of.
It can be seen in Slavas catalogue so it must have been officially released by the factory.
Here are some photos:
Slava Amphibian
Amphibian watch
Diving watch
Slava Amphibian