My collection of vintage watches is pretty full but I still scroll down the list of Russian watches for sale out of old habit, just in case something really unusual turns up. I’m in some different projects to get a copy of watches that are impossible to find but the collection is pretty full. Some of the watches that I have two of might leave my collection eventually.
This summer this watch turned up in the list of watches. It looks like a Raketa “Big Zero” but I doubt it’s from Raketa. I don’t know why I doubt, I just do. Anyway, it looked too good to just let it pass. I bought it. It arrived last week. It’s a Raketa case in chromed brass. The movement is probably the old 2623 movement. I haven’t opened it yet. It says Raketa on the dial but I think that it’s just a very, very nice remake by some hobby watchmaker or if it’s Raketa that’s playing around with their own designs.

I sometimes get comments from friends about my watches since they know that I’m a collector. This watch gets a lot of comments. Many of my friends like it. It’s pretty cool.

Raketa Zero ?

Raketa caseback

Raketa ?

Raketa wristshot