I’ve got two of these rare 627 titanium case Vostok in my collection. Both with very rare dials.
According to a Russian collector these 627 titanium cases are rare. Only a few thousand of them were made in the beginning of the 90’s. This period is also known as the transitional period. A time in the Vostok factory when watches were put together with whatever parts that were available. Most of them sold outside of the U.S.S.R.
I don’t know about you? I’m a collector and rare watches are interesting to me but I also like to wear the watches in my collection from time to time. The interesting thing with the titanium watches is the titanium case. A bit larger than an ordinary Vostok case. The dials are interesting because they are rare but not so good looking to me. This particular dial is a Komandirskie dial with Komandiskie hands. I’ve never thought that it matches the Amphibian case so well. The idea to switch the dial to a better looking Amphibian Scuba dude dial striked me earlier and after a few glasses of wine, I got around to it tonight.

Vostok 627 titanium case

This might sound like a complicated operation to some of you but it isn’t. It’s just opening the caseback. Removing the crown and the movement, with the dial, falls out. Pretty easy, when you know how to do it.
There were no surprises with this operation on these two watches.

Vostok titanium

Inserting the movements in the new case is just as easy as removing them.

Scuba dude 627 titanium

The caseback of the automatic Scuba dude, with the antimagnetic shield, follows the movement to the titanic 627 case. I like the serial number that begins with the tripple zero on the Scuba dude caseback.

Scuba dude caseback

I think the 627 titanium case looks better with the Scuba dude dial. The original Komandirskie dial, with the submarine is kept safely in the Neptune case if I want to change it back.

Scuba dude 627 titanium