Transitional Zissou

I found this old Vostok Amphibian diver watch a few weeks ago. It’s an iconic Zissou with an old “transitional” dial. The dial looked pretty good but the movement had seen its better days. I bought it because of the rare dial. An automatic movement for this watch is easy to find.
After a few weeks I got around to working with the watch. The new movements had arrived.
First, removing the dial:
Zissou dial Back of the Zissou dial.
The dial was in pretty good shape. Now, to transplant the movement:
Vostok Amphibian 2416b
Now it’s all in place. Let’s hope the components work fine together. I’ll let the watch run on the arm over night. Vostok Amphibian
It has stood the test. The old watch works fine with the brand new, automatic, 2416b movement. I might have extended the life for this beautiful Zissou by 10 – 20 years? It will be a great summerwatch!
Automatic wristwatch