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An extremely rare watch from Vostok Amphibian. A Russian collector told me that he only knows about 10 of these watches. Another Russian collectors confirmed that the watch is very rare but thinks that there are about 50 of these watches. The few known watches of this model makes me wonder if this model is a prototype that never went into a large scale production?
The watch is probably from the mid 80’s and has the automatic 2416b movement. The case is in stainless steel.

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Vostok Amphibian 30 ATM Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:45:40 +0000

This is a full set of the legendary first generation NVCh-30. It’s in its original box with the matching documents.

My favorite Russian watch. It looks like no other watch that I’ve seen before.

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Vostok Amphibian 300 m, Albatros Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:41:58 +0000 NVCh-30

This is the 3rd generation of NVCh-30. An extremely rare watch. Made in a very small edition. The seller of the watch said that he knows of 6 watches like this. The watch is from the late 1980’s.
The watch is modified from a standard edition watch to meet the requirements from the Soviet Navy. Waterproof down to 300 meter. This is a military issued watch only. Never sold to the public in Soviet Union. The case is of stainless steel. The crystal is extra thick compared to the standard version. The watch is powered by a 2409 movement instead of the 2209 movement that we find in the older generations of NVCh-30.
The older generations of NVCh-30 were used by divers onboard submarines where the watch was a part of the diving equipment.
When the diving equipment wasn’t in use the watch stayed with the equipment.

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Slava Amphibian Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:29:17 +0000

The watch is powered by a twin barrel 2414 movement made by the Second Moscow Watch Factory. The two mainspring barrels drive the minute wheel simultaneously. The case is in stainless steel with 20 mm lugs. The dial of the watch is very much inspired by the legendary diving watch Zodiac Super Seawolf.
The Slava diver is a very rare watch that was produced for a short time sometimes in the mid 1980’s. There is speculations that the watch was never shipped by the factory at all. This scenario is made credible by the fact that there seems to be a big variation in the kinds of hands seen on the few pieces that are out there. There are also different case backs. This supports the idea that employees were sneaking unfinished pieces out of the factory and completing them with whatever hands they could get a hold of.
It can be seen in Slavas catalogue so it must have been officially released by the factory.

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Vostok Amphibian, type 350 ( prototype? ) Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:26:27 +0000

This watch looks like an old Vostok Amphibian in the oldest 350 case and with the oldest aluminum bezel but it’s much more special than that. The case is in chromed brass as opposed to all other Vostok Amphibians that I’ve seen before. Even the caseback looks like many of the casebacks from Vostok but it’s a bit different in its shape. I’ve seen watches that are believed to be prototypes of the oldest model of Vostok Amphibian. Those watches has the caseback turned a quarter of a turn compared to the traditional placement on all other Vostok Amphibians.
I don’t know if this is a prototype of the oldest Vostok Amphibian or if it’s one of their first watches that were made.
It’s a 350 case with the old aluminum bezel. The hands are not what we usually see on Vostok Amphibians but it’s the same hands as on the other prototypes that I’ve seen. The watch is powered by a 2209 movement. Swing lugs. The dial has the cyrillic logotype.

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Antarktida Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:20:34 +0000

In 1957, according to a special government order, an elite Antarktida (Antarctic) watch for the participants of the first Soviet expedition to the South Pole was developed. The First Soviet Antarctic Expedition was led by Mikhail Somov; his scientific deputy was V. G. Kort. The expedition lasted from 30 November 1955 to 1957 and involved 127 expedition members and 75 crew members.
Only a few hundred watches were produced and they were used during the expedition.
This is the first 24 hour watch from the Soviet Union.

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Vostok Amphibian 300 m, tonneau Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:17:03 +0000

A Russian friend wrote to me about this watch. I answered that i already had one 2nd generation NVCh-30. He answered “No you don’t.” It’s a totally unused “barrel” with the tags still on it. It’s in its original tin box with the matching documents in it.
This is a watch that is modified to meet the demands of the Soviet Navy. The watch is waterproof down to 300 meters compared with the civilian edition which is waterproof down to 200 meters.
These modified watches were never sold to the public.
A rumour says that there were only 200 watches like this made but there is no confirmation about that and I don’t believe it either. It’s a very rare watch anyway.
The watch was considered a part of the diving equipment onboard submarines. The watch was never a personal belonging of a soldier. It was part of the diving equipment.
This is the second generation of NVCh-30 and compared to the first generation of NVCh-30, this generation is considered to be rarer.

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Raketa Antarktida 16 SAE Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:11:46 +0000

This watch was never sold to the public in the Soviet Union. It was only given to the members of the 16th expedition to the Antarctis.
On the dial you see Antarctica with 6 Soviet Antarctic bases marked with artificial rubies. The text below the continent is АНТАРКТИДА 16 САЭ Antarctic 16 SAE. The expedition lasted 1970-72 and the watch was intended for members and other people related to the expedition. The 16th expedition was much bigger than previous Soviet Antarctic efforts in total 566 people, including 354 as crews of ships.
How many Antarktidas were produced is not known. Presumably some hundreds. The model is very rare, because most of them are usually still in possession of families of the polar explorers.

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Vostok Amphibian 30 ATM Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:07:35 +0000

This is the first generation of NVCh-30. They are in the 350 cases with wire lugs. It’s a military modified watch. It has the original tin case. The documents however belongs to a much younger watch. It belongs to a NVCh-30 in a “barrel” or tonneau case. All external details on this watch is in an extremely good condition. The domed crystal doesn’t have a scratch on it. You can feel on the watch edges that the case is hardly used. The dial and hands doesn’t have a single scratch on them. The caseback indicates that the case is old. The balance and the balance bridge is very old. The rest of the bridges is much younger. It’s the kind of bridges that we find in the younger tonneau or second generation NVCh-30. The watch has arrow hands It’s easy to draw the conclusion that the hands has been switched but the color of the lume matches perferfect with the lume on the dial. I don’t know.

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Vostok Amphibian, Aluminum bezel Wed, 08 Jan 2020 15:58:05 +0000

An early, extremely rare Amphibian with the black aluminum bezel. Probably from the late 60’s. Necktie hands with the small lumedot secondhand. The diverwatch had the wrong crown when it joined my collection but it has been replaced with the round crown that is the original crown for the type 350 cases. The movement is the 2209 but is much younger than the watch. It must have been replaced at some time. The watch works perfect so the movement stays.
The logotype on the dial is the rare cyrillic logotype. Boctok.

Follow this link to view more images of this watch: Vostok Amphibian 2209, Aluminum bezel

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