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Vintage wristwatches

Welcome to my collection of Russian or Soviet era wristwatches.

The moose family

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, September 08 2020 01:16:50

I know that this blog is supposed to be about vintage wristwatches but I have to let you see what passed by my little yard out in the countryside outside Stockholm last night.
That’s a cow with a pretty young calf. I’ve heard that walking between the cow and the calf would make the cow furious. The mother would attack with a guaranteed lethal outcome for me. It’s a good idea not to disturb them so I stayed cool.



And just because the blog is about wristwatches I have to show what wristwatch that I was wearing at the time. It’s a Vostok 2209, type 350. I’ve put a watchband from a Stingray on it and the wristwatch has grown to be one of my favorite vintage watches to wear on daily basis.

Vintage watch Vostok 2209 type 350

Slava Amphibian

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, August 20 2020 10:51:11

The last few days has offered some really nice weather with a clear blue sky and temperatures well over 25 degrees Celsius. I took the time to get out of Stockholm to visit my parents for a few days. My father likes to play golf so there was a visit to the golfcourt as well.
The watch on my arm is one of the best looking wristwatches in my collection. The Slava Amphibian.
The wristwatch is powered by a twin barrel 2414 movement made by the Second Moscow Watch Factory. The two mainspring barrels drive the minute wheel simultaneously. The case is in stainless steel with 20 mm lugs. The dial of the watch is very much inspired by the legendary diving watch Zodiac Super Seawolf.
The Slava diver is a very rare watch that was produced for a short time sometimes in the mid 1980’s. There is speculations that the watch was never shipped by the factory at all. This scenario is made credible by the fact that there seems to be a big variation in the kinds of hands seen on the few pieces that are out there. There are also different case backs. This supports the idea that employees were sneaking unfinished pieces out of the factory and completing them with whatever hands they could get a hold of.
It can be seen in Slavas catalogue so it must have been officially released by the factory.
Here are some photos:
Slava Amphibian
Amphibian watch
Diving watch
Slava Amphibian

Vostok Amphibian Zissou

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, August 17 2020 09:59:57

Vostok Amphibian Zissou

Giving my Zissou some air. This is a wristwatch that I bought early in my collection. A wristwatch with an automatic 2416b movement in a 420 case in stainless steel. The dial is the Zissou. It’s called Zissou because Bill Murray wore a watch like this when starring in the movie “Life Aquatic” where the main character is called Zissou.
The odd thing about this dial is that it doesn’t say anywhere on the dial where the watch is made. I guess it makes the watch a “transitional” watch? That’s what watches – that was made in the short period after the collapse of the Soviet Union but before the period when Russia was established as a country – are called.
The second hand used to “jump around” in a nervous way when rotating around the dial but now it’s calmed down and moves pretty smooth.
As a small collector of wristwatches I like to see the watches in the condition where they are as near their original configuration as possible but I see no harm in changing bezels and other stuff that are easy to change back to the original state. Just as long as the watch isn’t damaged.
What do you think?
I’ve changed the bezel on my Zissou to give it a more summer look.


Reshaped Vostok Amphibian

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, August 01 2020 05:24:57

Y’all remember the rock that was in my way from last week?

granite rock

Well, it’s not anymore.

splitted rock

Found this strange shaped Vostok a few years ago. I liked the shape so I bought it. Maybe it’s some kind of prototype that’s come outside the factory walls, I remember thinking. I asked some good friends but this is some kind of private project. A factory worker that’s done something during a coffee break. The seller claimed that it’s made by Vostok. I liked the shape anyway and the unique look.

Reshaped Vostok Amphibian barrel

Vostok Amphibian 2209 ( barrel)

Vostok Amphibian

The 18 mm band is the only detail that I didn’t like. I’m liking the 22 mm bands more.

Vintage wristwatch

Never thought that I would buy a Russian metal bracelet but now I tried one on the reshaped Amphibian and it’s quite comfortable. Looks better than with the leather strap.

Vintage Vostok Amphibian


Vostok Amphibian wristshot

Domed crown for Vostok Amphibian 2209

Wristwatches Posted on %PM, July 30 2020 23:54:16

A few years of collecting Russian watches has left me with a small stock of spareparts. It’s not organized in any way but I try to be careful with the spareparts. They might come in handy some day or I might even be able to help another collector improve their watch. As a collector, almost nothing gets thrown away at my place.
Some of my watches has come to me in a pretty poor condition. The charm with the Russian watches is that even if the watch looks in a poor condition the watches often works. Replacing a bezel or replacing a crown can radically change the look of the watch. Giving them many more years in use.
I found this little lot among my spareparts tonight. The cromed brass crown for Vostok 2209 is often pretty damaged after many years of daily use.

Vostok 2209 domed crown

Birthday with my favorite Russian watch – NVCh-30, type 350

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, July 28 2020 08:58:44

I seem to have reached the age where birthdays aren’t so important anymore. Not my birthday anyway. But I do try to make them special even if I went to work last night. I wore my favorite Russian watch on the arm. The Vostok Amphibian 30 ATM, type 350. How old I am? Not so relevant. *lol*

Vostok Amphibian 30 ATM type 350

I was born at the hospital just a few hundred meters from where this photo is taken. A long time ago.

Vostok Amphibian 300 m type 350

Vostok Amphibia 300 m type 350

Vostok Amphibian NVCh-30

Modified automatic 2416b wristwatch Vostok Amphibian Ministry

Wristwatches Posted on %PM, July 25 2020 16:45:25

Gathered some spareparts and modified an old automatic 710 ministry case from Vostok Amphibian 2416b a few years ago. The dial and paddle hands is from Favinov. The bezel is a custom made detail. It gave this old watch a totally new look.

Vostok Amphibian 710 Ministry case

Modified Vostok Amphibian wristwatch

Russian wristwatch

Russian wristwatch automatic Vostok Amphibian 710

Vostok Amphibian automatic 2416b Ministry case

Life in the country

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, July 24 2020 10:45:47

Almost all my free time is spent out in my little yard on the countryside outside Stockholm. It’s a real pleasure really. Clean air. The silence. The beautiful light.
This magnificent bird is what met me when I arrived. You can’t see much of it but I recognize the screams it makes. It’s an eagle.


My project this summer is to make a nice dry spot under my small cabin. I’m digging out a hole in the ground so that I can fill the hole with gravel or rocks later. This will make rain and snow flow away under the cabin. The problem is that I keep finding these giant rocks where I shouldn’t find it. Well, I’ve found a method of getting rid of them. I drill holes in the rocks. Fill it with expanding cement. Split them – sometimes several times – until they get the size when I eventually can lift them out of the hole.

Drilled rock

The drill is a hard metal drill with 30 mm diameter. I take long breaks after every hole so the drill cools down. It’s my way of giving the drill a longer lifetime.


Every hole is about a finger deep.

Vostok Amphibian case 710 with Compressor dial

It’s not all about work when I’m out there. I take the time to relax of course. That’s the reason why I bought the place.
This is a Vostok Amphibian with a Super Compressor dial in a ministry case. I thought that the dial was another version of the dial of the Super Compressor but a visitor on this blog pointed out that it’s the same dial. It must be, he said, because the date window has the same position on both dials. He is probably right. I haven’t had the time to compare the dials properly yet. This watch is for sale by the way. If anyone is interested just let me know.

Expanding cement

The rock is filled up with the expanding cement. Now it’s just waiting. I’ll be back here next week to see how much of the rock is split and if I can lift parts of it out of the hole.

I checked the rock after 18 hours and not much has happened.

18 h

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