Raketa Record

Raketa is one of my favorite Russian watchbrands. While Vostok and other Russian watchbrands are making tough watches, Raketa’s watches can be more elegant.
This is a franken watch. The dial is pretty rare and beautiful. The dial should sit in a watch called Raketa Record together with a case that’s as unusual as the dial. This case is good looking but it doesn’t belong together with the dial. The case could work fine with some other Raketa dial. The hands in the watch are also wrong but I’ve got no plans for those.
My plan is to find a case for the Record dial and to move the dial and movement to that case. The empty case will be saved while I hunt for a dial and a Raketa 26xx-movement to place in it.
Raketa wristwatch
When I found the Raketa Record dial in the wrong case I found the Raketa Record case with the wrong dial at the same time. Not a perfect match but a pretty good match. Since one case is already empty – where the Raketa Record dial used to sit – I bought a Raketa dial with movement for that case.

Raketa casebacks
The watch with the Record case didn’t work that well but it was the case and hands that I was after.
Inside the watch was a Pobeda 2603 movement in pretty bad shape.

2603 Pobeda?

The watch with the Record dial worked pretty good and had an original Raketa movement. It didn’t have a second hand but I thought it was just lost.

2603 Raketa

Raketa Record case

I made the watchcase for the Record watch free.

Raketa Record

Inserted the movement and dial into the watch case. The hands were a bit tricky to get in place and the second hand was just impossible to get right. I remembered that the second hand was missing from the beginning.

Raketa record

Raketa Record

Raketa Record

Now I’ve got two of these beautiful Raketas in my collection. One as a collectible piece and one that I might use as a daily beater.

How I did with the other watch? I just used the spareparts. The hands are not my favorite but I’m pretty satisfied with the rest and the best of all is that it works fine. The ticking is strong.

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