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Vintage wristwatches

Welcome to my collection of Russian or Soviet era wristwatches.

Vostok Amphibian 300 m.

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, January 07 2020 04:13:32


My wristwatch collection is for wearing. It’s like a wardrobe but with wristwatches instead of clothes for me.
Finding my way to the Russian wristwatches made me realize how much more wristwatches I could have in the wardrobe for the same money as a few Swiss wristwatches. Ok, the quality isn’t the same but the charm is.

I saw how much history and mystery there is around the Russian wristwatches. Doing the research has been half the pleasure. I don’t know everything about the wristwatches and might have misunderstood some things. Please feel free to comment the wristwatches. Add information about the watches or just say hello.

Best regards,

/Johan K.

Vostok Amphibian Necktie hands

Wristwatches Posted on %PM, July 19 2020 17:41:46

One of the fun things with collecting is the possibility to help others in their collecting.
I found these necktie hands for Vostok Amphibian 2209 many years ago. They are pretty rare. These are not original parts but close enough. Thought that they might come in handy for future projects so I bought a few. Now they did. A very good friend needed a pair for a project so I sold him a pair.

Vostok Amphibian necktie hands

Scuba dude, no date

Wristwatches Posted on %PM, July 17 2020 14:52:38

A slow day at work. Took the time to play with one of my watches. It’s a transitional Scuba dude with large lumedots but without the date. It took me a while to find one of these. I know that Vostok makes modern dials that looks kind of like these but this is the original blue dial.

Scuba dude no date wristwatch

The cabin project.

Wristwatches Posted on %PM, July 14 2020 16:23:53

Spending the last couple of days digging the hole under what’s going to be the place where I will put my small cabin ( barrack ). There are no shortcuts here. It’s just digging. I believe that doing this properly will make the whole project look better afterwards.
One of the problems is that the place where my barack is now, is blocking the hole that I’m trying to make for the new placement. I need to partially dig under the barack. I need to remove one of the cornerstones in order to dig my new hole properly.
Wish me luck my friends. I think I need it.

Corner stone.

I’m pretty satisfied with the digging this far but it’s time to go home to Stockholm for this time.

The Amphibian worked fine the whole weekend. I might change to a new watch tomorrow.

Vostok Amphibian, type 350. Wristwatch

Morning swim

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, July 12 2020 05:41:26

15 degrees C in the air, 20 degrees in the water and morning dew in the grass. This is a perfect morning for an early dip in the water.

Vostok Amphibian, type 350. Early swim

Vostok Amphibian, type 350.

Early Vostok Amphibian caseback

Vostok Amfibia, type 350.

The giant stones.

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, July 11 2020 11:30:56

Do you remember the giant stones that were in the way of my future foundation under my Barack?
I drilled some holes in them and prepared them with expanding cement the last time that I was here. It’s a good thing that I covered the stones. It’s been some heavy raining since then. Anyway. This is what happened.

cracking heavy rocks

They split but didn’t split exactly the way I wanted. Maybe I can lift them anyway?

They’re up, out of the hole. Just the right size for me to lift.

Heavy rock

The “Stingray” works just fine.

Vostok Amfibia, type 350 20 ATM

Changing the watch to wear

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, July 11 2020 04:16:57

The Poljot diver was fine to wear this week. Thought that it was time to change to another watch from the collection.
I’m going out to my minimal cabin and continue to dig out the hole for my foundation. The watch must be able to manage some tough wear. On the other hand, do I need a watch when I dig?

A big part of the collection.

This is a big part of my collection.

This watch might give a kind of fragile and weak impression but this watch is tough:

Vostok Amfibia, type 350.

It’s a Vostok Amphibian, type 350, with a 2209 movement. This is a 50 years old diver watch. It’s a stainless steel case that’s waterproof down to 200 m. I wouldn’t swim with it today. I’m not sure that the rubber gasket is fresh after 50 years.
The watch is one of the first Amphibians that Vostok did but I’ve replaced some parts of the watch. The bezel looks very much like the old black aluminum bezel but it’s a new component that I found on the net. I’ve added some color on the secondhand. The band is from a stingray.

What makes this watch special is really the caseback. It’s marked “Amfibia” instead of “Amphibian” that we usually see on these watches. Some of the oldest Amphibians had these ( Amfibia ) casebacks.

Poljot Amphibian

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, July 09 2020 02:40:41

A slow day at work with very shifting weather.

Poljot Amphibian

Poljot Diver

Visited an old hometown.

Wristwatches Posted on %AM, July 08 2020 03:55:49

Visited an old “hometown” last night. Uppsala. A lot has happened here since the last time I was here. The area around the train station has changed to the better I must say.



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