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Vintage wristwatches

Welcome to my collection of Russian or Soviet era wristwatches.

Poljot Amphibian

Daily use watches Posted on %PM, July 05 2020 20:26:21

The sky gave an open space among the clouds up after a rainy day and gave me at least a chance to go for a walk along a small lake.

Poljot Amphibian

Poljot Amphibian

Vostok Amphibian 30 ATM, Type 350

Daily use watches Posted on %AM, July 03 2020 08:35:35

I’ve got some really cool watches in my collection. Some of them are pretty rare and I don’t like to wear them all the time but what’s the point in having a watch if you can’t use it? This is my favorite Soviet era watch. I like it so much that I’ve got several of them in my collection. A few of them I don’t use because I don’t want to damage them but this is a watch that I wear from time to time. Last week offered extremely good conditions for taking good photos in Stockholm so I wore the watch and took some really good snapshots during the night. A few parts on this watch has been changed by previous owners and later, by me.
The NVCh-30 is a military issued watch. It was part of the diving equipment onboard submarines.

Vostok Amphibian 300 m ( reissue)

Daily use watches Posted on %AM, July 03 2020 07:43:08

I discovered this watch when the project with the reissue was just finished. It’s supposed to be a modern reissue of the legendary NVCh-30, type 350 but I can’t say that it looks much like the original. It’s fine with me. I like the design and I think it’s earned an own identity beside all other Vostok divers.
The light in Stockholm was fantastic one summer morning when I took these snapshots.

Poljot Amphibian

Daily use watches Posted on %AM, July 03 2020 04:34:38

I bought this diver a while ago. It’s been on my wishlist for some time now. The caseback with the mermaid riding a dolphin was an important detail. Finally the right watch crossed my way.

Poljot diver

Vostok Scuba dude

Daily use watches Posted on %PM, July 02 2020 23:28:31

Scuba dude

Todays watch

Daily use watches Posted on %AM, July 02 2020 02:33:57

Vostok Amphibian Desert Shield
I use almost all the watches in my collection. Why wouldn’t I? I know it isn’t the 4th of July but it’s close enough. This watch looks better in real than in the photo. To keep my blogg more alive I’ve created a new category in the blogg to upload photos of the watches that I use in my everyday life.